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The data struggle is real. Companies are awash in data that can lead to better engineered products, improved customer engagement, and faster drug development. But first they have to overcome the daunting technical and cultural challenges of mastering it. Fortunately, other data and IT leaders have dealt with these same issues. They’ll share their advice and stories on the DataMasters podcast.
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  1. [DataMasters] It's about solving a business problem, not the data

    Kathleen Maley was most recently Head of Consumer and Digital Analytics at KeyBank where she led a large team of analysts who used data and analytics to shape strategies. Before that, she spent more than a decade at Bank of America in a variety of roles that helped the bank ...


  2. [DataMasters] Dataops and the state of digital transformation

    Andy Palmer is a serial entrepreneur who’s helped found or fund more than 50 companies, including Vertica, a pioneer in the database management industry. He’s currently CEO of Tamr, a data mastering platform that uses machine learning to do the heavy lifting around consolidating, cleansing, and categorizing data. Andy’s also ...


  3. [DataMasters] Data and the City

    Stefanie Costa Leabo, Chief Data Officer for the City of Boston, talks about her non-linear career path (she considered becoming a political science professor at one point), the tangible connection between her work and what happens outside of city hall, and how sharing data helps Boston's residents better understand what's ...


  4. [DataMasters] The role empathy plays in data visualization

    A key part of data is communicating it to others, and that’s where data visualization comes in. Nick Stepro, senior vice president of product management at Arcadia Healthcare, has made data visualization his career. He talks about how he got into data visualization, why you need empathy in design and ...


  5. [DataMasters] The challenges of collecting and sharing COVID-19 data

    Data is critical to combating COVID-19. But stakeholders not being aligned around what they want to measure or what kind of outcomes are most helpful make data collecting challenging. That's the perspective of Paul Balas, who was previously the Chief Advisor. Advanced Analytics, at mining company Newmont. Paul is passionate ...